Saturday, June 2, 2012


Gypsy Caravan 2012-05-28 18

I suppose this was a clothing mannequin, and a rather voluptuous one. Someone clothed it in irony, covering it in découpage images of fashionable young women and their stuff. It's very clever but I wouldn't want to live with it. Besides, the vendor at the Gypsy Caravan who offered it was asking $875. I'd rather spend the money on a lens or an airline ticket to someplace exotic.

Gypsy Caravan 2012-05-28 17


Paul in Powell River said...

Me to! - a lens, or at least part of one.

(Typo alert - "young women and..")

Gunn said...

Creative, and I guess it will be bought by someone soon.

I would have decorated my own:)
And buying a new lens or a ticket to somewhere nice is just what I would have done too.

Have a nice weekend!

- Stavanger.

Kate said...

You've got it: a ticket to some exotic place or a lens would be my choice too. The mannequin looks positively adrogynous.

William Kendall said...

I see a picture of one of those idiot Olsen twins scattered in there. Reason enough to refuse it.

Jack said...

I think she is kind of cute, but I don't see much possibility of convincing my wife to let me have it.

PJ said...

I wonder how long it took? I'll bet they listed to TV while they slathered on The Mod Podge.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's definitely a great statement piece Bob, a real conversation starter but the price tag is a wee bit steep!!