Friday, June 22, 2012

Axel The Sot

Renaissance Faire 2012-06-02 48 (Axel the Sot)

The Renaissance Faire doesn't just have wandering weirdos. There are terrific performers, some of whom come back year after year. One of my favorites is Axel the Sot.  He plays a very bawdy and very funny set, literally shooing away children unless their parents are with them. (I was surprised by the young age of some of the kids sitting through this with mom and dad, but then they have to learn some time.) You can get a sample of Axel's show here but please do not click if you are easily offended. (That should boost the number of hits.)

Farther down are quick shots of other performers. I have no idea if the Faire pays them anything. At the end of each set the players pass the hat, usually telling the audience that this is how they make their living so please be generous. The Faire runs three weekends in a row (four next year); heaven knows what they do during the week. What a way to make your living, driving hundreds of miles from one festival to another, depending on the kindness of strangers.

Renaissance Faire 2012-06-02 49 (Axel the Sot)

Renaissance Faire 2012-06-02 50

Renaissance Faire 2012-06-02 51

Renaissance Faire 2012-06-02 18


Birdman said...

Sounds hilarious. I'd be entertained.
btw Yes, seafood restaurants on the way. When do you land in P-town? Trying to figure out how we can get together. As I said, wedding in afternoon.

Birdman said...

Sunday AM sounds like a 'go'. Details to follow.

William Kendall said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Nathalie said...

Re Axel the Sot, well ummmh yes I guess have to learn some time. I love your series of portraits. I must say I wouldn't like to depend on gigs to make a living. But perhaps these people have another 9-5 Mon-Fri job?

Unknown said...

They seem to have taken a ride in the time machine. They do look 'real'. Great shots, especially the woman, I can see her as a tavern owner! :-)