Wednesday, November 13, 2019


It's not a parade without the police. No crowd control issues here, unlike the St. Patrick's Day parade, where alcohol flows like the Mississippi (well, metaphorically).  

The top picture has similarities to one that generated an eye blink's worth of photography fame a couple of years ago. The Museum of Modern Art in NY used one of my images of STL motorcycle cops in the catalog for a show about fashion. They didn't pay me a dime but at least they gave me a free copy of the book and a ticket when I showed up and demanded my tribute. Click here

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


The local Corvette owners club always shows up for the Veterans Day parade. A corvette, as such, is a small warship. This version may have some similarities, but for civilian guys with money to burn. Of course, they burn other things, too, in substantial quantity for their size. These days that raises ethical issues.

I myself am not without guilt. When I was 40 I had a used bottom-of-the-line Porsche, but still. One of the dumbest ideas I've ever had. If there was a half-inch of snow I'd have to ask for help getting out of parking lots. But when it was dry, well, that was a different matter. It didn't take me too long to work this out of my system and get another Volvo.        

Monday, November 11, 2019


After shooting at the Veterans Day parade I met the family at our repurposed Union Station for lunch and amusements. It has a new carousel, among other things. Ellie knows no fear as a rider as long as her steed is made from molded acrylic. She wasn't even wearing her cowgirl boots. 

I'll be going back and forth between Saturday's events for a while. First snow here predicted for today. That's very early.                     

Sunday, November 10, 2019


Back home. I got enough material on Saturday to last for some time. Our official Veterans Day is tomorrow but there is always a parade on the Saturday before the date. As usual, there were many more people marching than watching from the sidewalk. Some vets couldn't walk as a result of their service.

A couple of veterans asked me if I were one of them. I am not. In 1969, the US had a draft lottery for men of my age. Birth dates were drawn in random order. I drew a high number and, being a junior in college at that time, continued my education.


Friday, November 8, 2019


Still going through New York material until I can get back out on the streets of The Lou. Once again, this is from the greatly expanded Museum of Modern Art. It is Jeff Koons' Pink Panther. I'm sure I've seen this in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and maybe also at LACMA in Los Angeles. Koons' website says that there is an addition of three of these plus AP, whatever that means. It is made of porcelain so moving it would be a delicate operation. 

Koons' work often celebrates the banal, sometimes with a bit of provocation. The surfaces are shiny. You may or may not like his stuff but I do.        

Thursday, November 7, 2019


I think we have had enough of the parade for a while. There are lots more I could edit but it gets a little repetitive. Besides, my nighttime flash technique could use some improvement.

While in New York my friend Olivier and I visited the newly reopened Museum of Modern Art. It had been closed for a year while it ate up some neighboring properties and expanded. It is now much larger and a bit confusing to find your way around. This room, facing a large window, had several sections with comments on peace, perhaps wishful thinking. Here, Olivier is not studying the sutras but rather going over the museum guide.          

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


When I was standing in the middle of the NY Halloween parade my eye was drawn to the color on these women. I didn't immediately get the reference. My six year old granddaughter, Ellie, was sitting next to me when I was starting to flip through the photos. "Marge Simpson!" she exclaimed. "Patty and Selma!"

Except that patty and Selma usually have the same dull purple hair. And they always have cigarettes, not smart phones, in their hands. But okay, so I was just stood up on a cultural reference by a small child. Won't be the last time.

The surname of the never-married sisters and Marge's maiden name is Bouvier. Some may remember that it was Jacqueline Kennedy's maiden name. Deep.