Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Arch Series

Helicopter In Front Of The Arch

A different approach to the weekly Arch image. This was taken from the overlook across the river in East St. Louis with a long telephoto lens. The helicopter takes people up for sightseeing rides during the warmer months. Here, it flies past the south leg and downtown buildings. The 400 mm lens compresses the image a lot - the building on the middle-left with the columns is ten blocks back.

The topic on Downtown St. Louis 365 is the mystery of Toynbee tiles.

Toynbee Tile, 6th and Olive


Olivier said...

belle photo, l’hélicoptère fait vraiment tout petit a cote de l'arche

Carola said...

Very special view. Outstanding picture. The helicopter is the top.
Amazing compression.
I like the way you always show something new and interesting.

Birdman said...

Amazing what a false sense a 400mm can give you. Love the shot.

Chuck Pefley said...

Love that lens compression! Makes it look like the chopper is pretty close to the arch leg.

So, you had the Joker as a client? -:)

Hull and Hereabouts said...

In the UK we have sizes that go from the height of Nelson's column to the size of Wales including the length of double decker bus. I guess in the US a block means something but to the rest of us we're just guessing.
How long is a block?