Monday, April 25, 2011

Not The Easter Bunny

Not The Easter Bunny (35 Rock Hill Road)

Someone in my neighborhood must have had a dead or diseased tree to remove. Instead of cutting it down and ripping it out, it looks like they retained a virtuoso of the chainsaw to sculpt a gargoyle to adorn their lawn. This weekend they put bunny ears on it. They're not fooling anybody.

Wabbit wanna-bes everywhere on my blogs today, including Downtown St. Louis 365.

Rabbit 2


Lynette said...

Wonderful post and photos. said...

Very clever. It may have been easier to carve than to remove such a large stump.

The videos of the tornado at Lambert Airport were very dramatic. Glad things were not worse.

Virginia said...

I"m not sure about that thing.

Alanna Kellogg said...

Ha! I so wish I'd done this after losing an old dogwood a few years back but have it in mind when an old huge cherry tree goes.

PS I now have an idea where you live, drove past this on my way to Freddie's on Friday to pick up a ham.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This is hysterical. No wonder you suggested bunny ears on the troll under the bridge.