Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Cold, Gray Day In Chicago

Help Wanted

It was miserable in Chicago yesterday: dead gray, temperature falling to 38 F / 3 C, windy, intermittent cold rain. A good black and white day.

Above: sign in the hallway in the tiny hotel above the Longman & Eagle bar and restaurant in Logan Square, where we stayed. Below: an LED billboard heading downtown on the Kennedy Expressway; sculpture at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, our son's alma mater; high-rise fire escapes on apartment buildings in Hyde Park, the university's neighborhood; and the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Building), taken while our son's car was stuck in traffic on the near South Side.


In The Smart Museum 1

Fire Escapes

Willis Tower

Downtown St. Louis 365 has a word for Gov. Walker of Wisconsin.

Working Families Rally 7


Luis Gomez said...

Great images!

Virginia said...

I agree with Luis. Super images. I'd hate to have to run down that fire escape!!