Monday, April 18, 2011

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

A Newer Bathroom

Some last images about urban ups and downs from the weekend in Chicago. Above, a middle-aged apartment building in Hyde Park gets rehabbed and searches for new tenants. Below, this store in the Logan Square neighborhood remains open although the sign has fallen on hard times.

Fun thing to do today: two noted photographers and teachers, David Hobby, author of The Strobist lighting blog, and Joe McNally (check his blog, too), are in St. Louis for the last stop on the Flashbus tour. It's a day of education on the use of small flashes (sometimes several of them at once) in photography. Images tomorrow.

Logan Square FoodLiquor

Open something but not sesame on Downtown St. Louis 365.

Open Freeman


Olivier said...

cette vieille enseigne en b&w rend tres bien, c'est bete qu'il y est une voiture moderne devant, sinon on aurait pu se croire a une autre epoque said...

It does look like you had captured Chicago in a mood for black and white photos.

Steffe said...

A working bathroom gets you cleaner.

Luis Gomez said...

Great looking shots!

Birdman said...

That seems like a so fifties ad.

Virginia said...

In my new old apt, the bathroom could use a little reno. I've done about all I can do with a toothbrush and Clorox gel pen.