Friday, April 8, 2011


Mozart - Tower Grove Park

Here's Beethoven's neighbor in Tower Grove Park. Nobody is really sure what Mozart looked like. There are a small number of paintings but their accuracy is uncertain.

Everyone who enjoys this kind of music revers him, of course. His expression of delicate emotion is unmatched (e.g., the famous andante in Piano Concerto 21). The style in his day made it hard for him to let it rip (Beethoven fixed that), but he could do a creditable job in works like the Dies Irae from the Requiem (although I myself prefer Berlioz's version). But for my money, nothing compares to the operas, the pinnacle of the art form. In particular, Mozart's passages of explosive, complex six part harmony, like Sola, Sola In Buio Loco in Don Giovanni and Alla Bella Despinetta in Cosi fan Tutti turn my brain to jello, put a big-ass smile on my face and make unable to walk for a while. That's entertainment.

The subject is wet plinths and content desperation on Downtown St. Louis 365.

Eros In The Water


cieldequimper said...

Exultate, jubilate.

Olivier said...

J'ADORE, quand je serais à NYC je m'acheterais un lens baby. L'effet et la composition est superbe, bravo

brattcat said...

Silly me, I always thought he looked like Tom Hulce.

Birdman said...

Hahahaha Brattcat! Funny and informative post today.