Friday, April 29, 2011

Violent, Sloppy And They Think It's Fun

Rugby In Forest Park 1

Last Saturday I came upon a rugby game in Forest Park, taking place during the interminable rain. The field was soaked. My knowledge or rugby is poor but the father of one of the players explained some of it to me. It seemed violent, at times chaotic, but the players clearly enjoyed it. The team in the green and white jerseys are the St. Louis Ramblers, around since 1932. The opponents are a team from nearby Scott Air Force Base.

The craziness going on here has something to do with throwing the ball in-bounds. The teams try to hoist one of their members up (by the shorts!) to deflect the ball in their favor. I don't get it.

We will have a bit more of this tomorrow.

Downtown St. Louis 365 proposes what you should do with your day.

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cieldequimper said...

Ah, now I'm a great rugger fan so I'd have stayed put and watched. Good action shot in a sort of strange setting.

Julie said...

C'mon Bob. Al least they dont change their team depending on the direction of play!!

Rugby is best when played in the rain ... so I am told. This particular move is called 'a line-out' and is just another method of bouncing the ball to see which side is strongest to get it to their backrow who should be ranged out acreoss the field ready to run at their opponents with ball tucked under arm.

'Tis a fun game.

I hear your 'down south' has really been pummelled in the last 48 hours. Thoughts are with them.

Winchester Daily Photos said...

I like rugby, though I don't fully understand the rules! I imagined it was similar to American Football, only for tough guys who don't need padding or helmets :)!

Anonymous said...

Atomic Wedgies!