Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Goof Off Day, Part 1

Sun Bathing At The Grand Lagoon

Today's theme on both of my St. Louis blogs is goofing off on a sunny spring afternoon. Goofing off in general is something this blogger rarely gets to do. The young woman is basking in the sun at the edge of the Grand Lagoon in Forest Park. Hope she doesn't fall asleep and roll to her left.

It has been observed that I don't do nothing well. Better go shoot some more pictures, like tomorrow when Mrs. C and I go to Chicago to celebrate our 37th anniversary and spend the weekend with our son and Chicago photoblogger, Andy.

Goofing Off Part 2 is on Downtown St. Louis 365 today.

Millies Fountain 2011-04-09 6 (No Particular Place To Go)

8 comments: said...

If tomorrow is your anniversary, you share the same anniversary as Julie and me. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your trip to Chicago. Tru would make a superb and memorable restaurant for an anniversary dinner.

Olivier said...

ah les beaux jours, et profitez du des premiers rayons de soleil. Photo de saison

cieldequimper said...

I hope she also didn't end up red... Happy anniversary!

Julie said...

'dont do nothing well' ... so many ways to interpret this, Bob.

Your photo is so similar to one I posted on Sunday last with my young lass lolling on the edge of La Seine.

Enjoy Chicago. I mean you sure do go the whole hog: take yer missus to visit yer offspring for wedding anniversary. You are an old romantic, that is for sure!!

Enjoy .... I simply did not make 37 years ...

Stefan Jansson said...

If she had fallen asleep it would have been a very interesting photo! I will check out Alan's blog now.

Birdman said...

I have lots of ideas for goof-off shots. Just let me know if you need more insight! hahaha

Virginia said...

And that nice shadow of her leg is nice too.

Happy 27th to you and C!!!!!

PS and for the record, I'm a master of doing nothing well!!!

Bill C. said...

Happy belated anniversary. Great photo.