Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Art Hill

Art Hill 2011-04-09

A bit of the St. Louis Art Museum (or SLAM, a good name for a palace of culture) appeared in yesterday's post. Moving a little to the west, you come to the foot of Art Hill, a huge half-bowl that leads down to the Grand Lagoon. It's our town's premier sledding venue in the winter.

The cranes on the left are working on a large expansion of the museum. I think they look like they are bowing to the original structure.

A naked guy, angry fish and a pure blue sky on downtown St. Louis 365 today.

Milles Fountain 2011-04-09 4


Olivier said...

un beau petit HDR qui met fait bien resortir le ciel et surtout l'herbe. tres belle photo

cieldequimper said...

I agree with Olivier. It does however look like we are in the middle of nowhere on the Great Plains.

Carola said...

Yes, in the middle of nowhere, as cieldequimper said. Stunning view.
And some sence of humor.