Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Arch Series

Arch 2011-03-19 2 (Get Dropped)

For the last few weekends this SUV and trailer have parked on the street below the Arch. Cheerful young people in green and yellow tee shirts pop out, promoting some new soft drink. I will not name the product since I don't drink that sort of rotgut (although a dram of Glenlivet would be gratefully accepted). Americans will see the stuff around sooner or later. Now, they are cheerful, brightly colored and happy to be photographed but it bugs me that they block a lane of the narrow, crowded street, handing out cans to passing drivers. So harrumph. The business of America is business, right?

Sorry for the lack of comments again yesterday. I went straight from work to a lecture and slide presentation by noted portrait and magazine photographer Gregory Heisler, then home to finish today's posts and thence to dreamland. The presentation was disappointing. I was hoping to learn more about his photographic vision and craft, not My Amazing Adventures As A Magazine Photographer. Unfortunately, it was more of the latter than the former, although I did learn something. The part about his years as Arnold Newman's assistant was fascinating, the part about how cool was it to shoot Lebron James rather less so. Larry Fink's presentation here a few weeks ago was so much better, but you just never know.

Walk or don't walk? Downtown St. Louis 365 asks you to make up your mind.

Walk-Don't Walk


Olivier said...

la voiture ressemblerait presque a un jouet vu la taille de l'arche

Anonymous said...

The beverage has been around for decades, but for some reason was only found in central Missouri. They are starting to go nationwide with it. Friends from high school who now live in other states have been posting excitedly on facebook that they can find it in their area. It was always a big deal for them to come back home and get to drink one, and they always had to take some back with them.

Kaori said...

Your photos are all fabulous! And this huge arch caught my eye on the portal. Whatever drink they're promoting, they picked the right really stands out :-)

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Block out the green truck, and the steps up to the Arch look magnificent.

Nathalie said...

Always something interesting going on. Thanks to anon for his story.

I love the walk/no walk sign below, the 2 walkers look so civilised - pictograms have never been more elegant!