Friday, April 1, 2011

Play Ball! (But Keep Your Hat On)

2011 Cardinals Home Opener 1

Just a quick note - it's gotten pretty late. My daughter, son-in-law and I attended the opening game of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball season yesterday. There was lots of pre-game hoopla, including this magnificent specimen circling the field.

Sorry for no comments today. After the game, my wife and I attended the annual McDonnell science lecture at Washington University. The speaker was Rocky Kolb, distinguished professor at the University of Chicago, astrophysicist extraordinaire and talented stand up comedian. He spoke about the mysteries of dark matter and energy. Rocky's top ten questions about the universe are here.

Oh, the Cardinals lost.

A boy is pitching his heart out on Downtown St. Louis 365 today.

2011 Cardinals Home Opener 2


Nathalie said...

The top ten questions are definitely worth much ponder. I hope the answer to question 3 is yes, or the universe will be a big mess
Great photo BTW ! said...

What an extraordinary photo. Who would think that you could capture a stunning wildlife photo at a baseball game.

And who would think that after a ball game you would take in a lecture by an astrophysicist.

I am away on a business trip, but I did, sadly, see on the crawl on ESPN while channel surfing in my hotel room that that Cardinals lost and that Albert Pujols had a bad day at the plate.

Virginia said...

WEll you wouldn't know this but my alma mater, Auburn University's mascot is the eagle. Ours is trained to fly from the upper deck, make a few laps around the stadium (which sends the crowd into a frenzy) and land on the field. It is a spectacular sight to behold. I think the Cards are big fat copycats! HA

PS Spectacular shot B.

Sharon said...

Oh what a fantastic shot! Simply beautiful.

Jilly said...

What an astounding photo. Just amazing, Bob. No time to look at the questions about the universe yet. Someone tied up an abandoned a dog outside my gate and currently that's my universe! Of course I will look later.

Jilly said...

Looks like the cubs are the centre of this man's universe...

JM said...

WOW! This shot is a winner! Great work, Rob.

R.F. Sutton said...

I just happened onto your site a few days ago--what a treasure.