Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gateway Geyser

Gateway Geyser 3

The Gateway Geyser has been on the blog a couple of times before (here and here). It is set back some distance behind the Arch and downtown overlook opened a couple of years ago in East. St. Louis, Illinois. I don't get over there much but it was a glorious morning yesterday and I decided to go shoot from the overlook. I finished close to noon, one of the thrice-daily eruptions of the geyser. It didn't go very high - the altitude of the plume is determined by the wind speed. When the air is still, the geyser reaches 633 feet / 192 meters, the height of the Arch.

At some point I turned around and shot in the other direction, as noted today on Downtown St. Louis 365.

Arch Steps, Old Courthouse, Downtown


Birdman said...

... and the swan seems oblivious to all the commotion.

cieldequimper said...

192 m├Ętres ? Waouh. Somehow I think this photo wouldn't be the same without le cygne.

Virginia said...

So how much did you have to pay the swan?

Christina Klas said...

Wow. A gorgeous shot.

JM said...

Brilliant!!! What an amazing image, love it.

Jill Riter said...

exceptional photograph! love how the elegance of the swan seems to be mirrored in the sprays... lovely!