Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Way, Please

Follow Path Around (Tower Grove Park)

Well, enough musicology lectures, but we'll stay in Tower Grove Park. I couldn't figure out what these chalk markings on the bike and running path were for. There must have been some kind of event but no sign of what. It's hard to read the word at the top of the first picture but it says "walk." Then the one below says "run." Maybe it was some kind of psychological test to see how people respond to conflicting orders.

Run - Tower Grove Park

No swimming allowed on
Downtown St. Louis 365.

Pool Closed


cieldequimper said...

Now that' the kind of thing where the rebel in me comes out. I would walk at the run sign and run at the walk sign.

Julie said...

bizarre. if people can't follow that easily marked path, then maybe they deserve to get lost

Birdman said...

Run? How about RUNS! Send me some. My Sox need 'em. Yikes! 1-7.

Jilly said...

how nice this path would be without someone telling you what to do!