Friday, September 2, 2011

STL DPB Goes To Church: Evry Cathedral

Evry Cathedral 3

Another action-packed day. We met Paris bloggers Lucie and Peter (who is off to Mongolia today!) for lunch near Les Halles. Lucie, Carolyn and I then took the commuter train down to suburban Evry, where we were met by the esteemed Olivier of Evry Daily Photo. We got the grand tour.

The highlight was Evry Cathedral. I have never seen such a beautiful, indeed spectacular piece of modern religious architecture. The interior is full of light, the space is full of eye candy.

We are walking the streets of Paris today.

Evry Cathedral 1

Evry Cathedral 2

Evry Cathedral 7

Evry Cathedral 5

Evry Cathedral 4


Bibi said...

That is indeed one spectacular piece of architecture. Have you ever been to the Lotus Temple in Delhi? You can't take photos inside, but it reminds me of your photos.

Lucas Kain said...

Um, wow. :D This really looks spectacular! Haven't seen many pieces of architecture like this one. Cheers!

call Hong Kong

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazing place.

Bianca said...

Incredible design!

Jack said...

Remarkable. Especially the first.

Virginia said...

Absolutely beautiful. I"m of course envious that you got to see our blog friends as well. I'm sure Oliver, The Esteemed, gave you a grand tour of his lovely Evry. And as for Peter, I just he finds his way home from Mongolia!!!

Strolling Paris.................waaaaaaaaaa

Nathalie H.D. said...

God knows I've been following Olivier's blog ever since its inception but I never tire of views of this amazing piece of architecture. Your view of it is somewhat different from Olivier's, I love it. Thanks. I hope we'll get to see a few pics of your bloggers meeting too.

Olivier said...

content que vous avez aime notre belle cathedrale, et c'etait un grand plaisir de vous revoir toi et carolyn.

Thérèse said...

Complementary pictures to Olivier's and to Cergie's. A cathedral, the only one built in France in the 20th century all in roundness so without too many seams at what appears on your beautiful pictures which could help to the concentration of the mind.

Kim said...

I have loved Olivier's many photos of the cathedral and never tire of seeing it. You've captured a unique spirit, and I'm so pleased to peek through your lens at the interior from several angles. Superb captures, Bob. Lucky you to get to see it in person.