Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Bridge At Dolceaqua

Early in the trip, our friend Jilly took us into Italy for a day. After seeing the crazy Friday market in Ventimiglia, we went north to see a couple of mountain towns. The main stop was Dolceaqua - Sweetwater. What a great name. This is the famous bridge over the Torrente Nervia river, painted by Monet as shown on the placard. Below, some back streets.

STL DPB will continue with photos from the trip through the week until we get some new local material. A dozen new photos were added to the Flickr set today, all from Italy.

Back Street, Dolceaqua

B&B, Dolceaqua


Olivier said...

tres belles photos, j'aime beaucoup le trompe oeil

nathalie in Avignon said...

I've been to this lovely place with Jilly - what fun to see your view of it.

brattcat said...


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Hope you've recovered from your travels Bob. What memories you will have and what images we'll get to see, yeah!!! Beautiful shot of the bridge above.

Bibi said...

Lovely post. Never knew about that Monet.

cieldequimper said...

That's the Thursday arch shot, right? :-)

Thank you and Carolyn again for the lovely, lovely presents.

VDP is taking a total break for a whole month starting on Friday. Sorry!!!

Sharon Creech said...

Love the bridge photo with Monet painting in forefront.

Virginia said...


Jilly said...

What a lovely memory of a super day, Bob. I love these photos. Clever you to line up the Monet and the bridge and show them both so beautifully. You wouldn't like to come back and be my live-in photography teacher, would you?