Monday, September 26, 2011


Dancing In The Street 7

I got so much material at Dancing In The Street I'm good for days. There were several stages with rotating performers (interpret rotating as you will). Something for everyone.

One stage was reserved for tap dance. There were a great variety of performers, young and old. Fresh faces looked forward to their time to show their stuff. The seniors tap group displayed plenty of limber joints. However, the tap-dancing doctors in surgical scrubs at the bottom were creepy. They danced to a heartbeat rhythm, which, at the end of the number, just . . . stopped. I don't want any of them doing the shim sham shimmy during my cardiac cath.

Dancing In The Street 4

Dancing In The Street 11

Dancing In The Street 12


Olivier said...

j'adore la troupe des infirmières, tres bien vu et la photo des lady's danseuses, bien vu, quelle énergie dans le geste

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Look at the ladies doing their thing in the second shot..good on them! The tap dancers in scrubs look highly energetic. These pictures bring back so many memories of the many dance shows we've been too over the years to watch my nieces perform. Great job Bob.

Halcyon said...

Hmmmm... an interesting mix. I've never heard of a tap dancing festival. But I like the idea! said...

Good for the seniors.

When we enjoyed a Sunday in the park in Barcelona this spring, there was a gazebo with young people all taking turns doing tap dances together. It was energizing.

With the gazebo stage being higher than the ground, we were able to get some ground-level close-up shots of the dancers' shoes.

Choppography said...

I love tap, but have never been able to see much of it. This may be something to attend next year.

Thanks Bob.

Jack said...

The seniors look like they are having a ball. Good for them!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of tap. That's where I would be hanging out.