Thursday, September 15, 2011


Dawn's Wedding 16

The Thursday Arch Series is on break because I don't have a bit if new material. Gotta find time to get down there. Besides, I want to run a few more wedding shots. New career?

Our friend Lynne Placek presided at the wedding. After 30 years of teaching, she became a reiki master. Her new interest is being a "celebrant," presiding over weddings and such. She performed a beautiful ceremony. At the end, I made the bride and groom repeat the traditional smooch a couple of times so I could get a good shot. I love the little wrinkly thing with their noses

Dawn's Wedding 20


Olivier said...

le moment tant attendu du mariage, le baiser de l'amour

Nathalie said...

A little too composed for my liking, I personally prefer candid shots but of course you need to do the traditional smooch and I have to say this one is just perfect.

Bob, you DO have a future as a wedding photographer !

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'm quite sure they didn't mind a few practise shots Bob, great 'crinkly nose' kiss. Next time you'll have to charge a fee!!

Virginia said...

Well done B. I admire you for trying a wedding! It's hard work but I know this couple will cherish your photographs forever. I wish them all the best.

Jude said...

Wow. These are wonderful.