Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Luck

Balloon Liftoff 2

The main event of The Great Forest Park Balloon Race was held on Saturday afternoon. Well, it's not exactly a race. Everyone has the same wind. The idea is to land as close as possible to the lead balloon but the participants are at the mercy of the breeze.

It was not the kind  of day for classic hot air balloon shots with radiant colors in late afternoon sun. In fact, the sky could not have been more dull. So, work with the materials at hand. Some more of these tomorrow.

Balloon Liftoff 5


Olivier said...

ce choix de fond blanc est surprenant et fait bien ressortir les montgolfières (et leurs publicités ;o)) ) said...

Sorry about the flat sky for the balloon flight. Maybe you should have been up in a ballon shooting down to the ground, rather than vice versa.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Actually in a way Bob, it's not a bad backdrop for the balloons, nothing to distract from the colours and the actual balloons themselves! Great shots.

Choppography said...

I'm most impressed with the exposure in the first shot. It's not easy to get the white balloon differentiated from what will be a blown out sky. Nicely done!


Virginia said...

Well those two tiny balloons at the bottom made me hoot!