Saturday, September 10, 2011

Transitional Photo: St. Louis To St. Louis

St. Louis, Passy Cemetery

Well, I'd hoped I'd have some new local material for today but it didn't work out. Our big annual outdoor art fair opened last night. Mrs. C and I were going to go but it was drizzly and chilly and, you know how it goes, we got lazy. We will try to get there Sunday afternoon. But this morning there's a big multi-city fire departments parade downtown and this afternoon is that wedding I'm shooting.

So this is a bridge image: Louis IX, King of France, a/k/a St. Louis. Our city was founded by French traders in 1764. (No backtalk from Europeans about how young we are.) The image above is a stained glass window in Paris' Passy Cemetery showing the big guy in all his splendor.

So, new local material tomorrow. Promise.


Jilly said...

Wot no arch?

Seriously - such wonderfully vibrant colours in this window. said...

The church in the background of the stained glass window looks like St. Chapelle in Paris, one of the most beautiful buildings anywhere.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

The colours in this stained glass window are luxurious and rich Bob. I hope all goes well at the wedding, I bet you will be exhausted when it's over and also relieved!!

brattcat said...

You're allowed to take a day off, Bob. Hope tonight yields some gorgeous shots that the family will adore for generations to come.

Virginia said...

Good luck with the wedding. You don't know stress till you've tried to do one!

I for one am happy as a clam to see more French stuff from you! St. Louis huh? I probably passed right by him and had no clue or you know I"D have snapped him for you!

My WV is PRIMP! Busted!

Birdman said...

Love stained glass. Wonderful memories of getting me 'through Mass' in my childhood. hahahaha

nathalie (Avignon) said...

Clever transition and great shot !