Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who Loves A Bunny?

Bunny Fan

The Energizer battery company has its headquarters here. Everyone in North America, at least, has seen their ads with the Energizer battery that keeps going and going and going (on the eponymous batteries, of course). One of their publicity gimmicks is an enormous hot air balloon.

The company is the major sponsor of the Forest Park balloon race. They always give away these pink foam bunny ears. You see lots of children wearing them and some adults. I wonder if the woman wore this sweatshirt in anticipation of getting the accessory.

Balloon Liftoff 4


the queen said...

I especially like the candid pose of the En. Bunny in the second one.

Olivier said...

superbe en harmonie avec sa montgolfière lapin ;o))

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That's way too much pink going on there, I would have styled the ears with something black or navy haha! Is that the balloons all finished now Bob, they look decidedly 'flop dop!!'?

Jack said...

Your bottom photo is excellent, Bob.

Virginia said...

Great portrait of a very lovely lady and of course the balloon shots still are making me envious.

Halcyon said...

I think the Energizer Bunny is rather cute. And the ears look good on that lady. :)

nathalie, Avignon said...

Well the sweatshirt sure matches the bunny ears ! I actually thought the lady worked for the company !

I would have loved to see the bunny in the air. Hot air balloons make for fantastic photos, don't they?