Monday, June 7, 2010

Honk and Tweet

I have enough material from the Gypsy Caravan, Renaissance Faire and model shoot to carry me a few days. Today we sample the big flea market. Since it was for the benefit of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, it is appropriate to show some musical merchandise. I can't play any of this stuff. I took violin lessons for five years when I was a kid and never got beyond causing others aural pain. Very good ear, very bad hands. Klutz would be a simpler description. Now I just listen, and with pleasure.


Olivier said...

belle série, j'aime bien le focus sur la première. Vraiment de très beaux objets

Babzy.B said...

beautiful serie , i like musical instrument even if i can't play either ;)

brattcat said...

Love these images.

Virginia said...

Very nice set and as you said very appropriate for the event. I"m going with Door Number 1!