Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme

So okay, I'm an art snob, but that's the first thing these words made me think of. My wife enjoys art but she's not a snob. Actually she's a Lutheran, and knows that title as
an old chorale hymn from her church. I recognize it as the first section of J. S. Bach's cantata BWV 140. Wake up! a voice is calling. You can hear a clip of the beginning here.

This was shot from the roof of the City Museum. It's the top of a neighboring loft building. Our family had an intense discussion about how the graffiti was painted. Did someone hang over the edge of the wall, maybe with an accomplice holding his/her feet, drawing the letters upside down?

The scrawl below was a few meters to the right. It's hard to decipher. The best I can get is "Drooght Your Suicide (letter M or downward pointing trident or musical notation for a triplet or the glyph for the artist formerly known as Prince) Life." Interpretations are welcome.

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cieldequimper said...

Hard to associate Bach with these. I really like the association though. Is Bach really that snob?!!! ;-)