Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Dollars In Hand

Sure, this gets your attention but it's not meant as a shocker. This is the hand and prosthesis of Ron Trump,
first seen on this blog a year ago. Mrs. C and I met him again last Sunday at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire (from whence the cat woman in May 31st's post).

Ron is the happiest man you might ever meet. He and his wife live in the countryside near Des Moines, Iowa, spending the warm months traveling among the fairs and festivals of the Midwest. They sell kettle corn, a sweet and salty variation of popcorn. They make it in an ancient copper contraption that goes along with them. He always has a smile - do look at his portrait in last year's post and you will grasp his personality at once. I do not know how he lost his hand. When I bought a big bag for my office, he dexterously handled the money. My co-workers loved his product.



Jilly said...

What a fabulous shot, Bob. Amazing he can handle money as he does and actually the metal hand is really rather beautiful, isn't it? So wonderfully made. Thanks for sharing this. The shot works so beautifully with those multi-colours stripes showing off the action. Good for him that he has risen above his disability - an inspiration.

Olivier said...

superbe photo, je suis toujours très impressionné de voir comment les handicapés déjouent leurs handicaps, bravo.
J'ai vu qu'il existait un fisheye pour le lensbaby

cieldequimper said...

I remember him now that I went back a year. This is a fabulous shot.Did he know you were shooting or was he looking elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

This is a remarkable photo.

I recall walking into the bank once and a seller had set up a stall there selling lots of stuff but then mainly cigarettes. People came in off the street and bought as did people who worked in the bank. He made change without any hesitation.

He was totally blind.

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Bellissima, Mister C.

The rainbow colors of Ron's shirt are so optimistic, so happy. They suggest he's a happy man, despite his prosthesis.

Virginia said...

What a wonderful shot B. I'm guessing he knew you were taking his photo and didn't mind a bit. Great one.