Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Motorcycle Parts

Well, my thanks to all of those who left comments on yesterday's theme day post. There were an awful lot by my standards.

Last weekend was photographically productive. I got some good stuff from the Renaissance Faire, the Gypsy Caravan flea market that benefits the symphony, and even the Cardinals baseball game. I'll bounce around among these for a while. The two men above, Randy and Chuck, were selling motorcycle stuff at the Gypsy Caravan. They were willing to pose with a little wheedling but they refused to look at their picture on the camera.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series


cieldequimper said...

They look a tad other worldly. ;-)

My German? I'm half German! Where did you find out?

Olivier said...

deux beaux portraits des Gypsy et des beaux tatouages

Luis Gomez said...

Bob, great shot. Love this kind of portrait.

Virginia said...

HA and they refused to look at YOU B! Great portrait. I've heard that motorcycle stuff guys are camera shy.

Unknown said...

What an impressive shot, Bob. The faces of the two guys tell very exciting stories.

T. Becque said...

That's funny. You should do the 100 Strangers project; other portraits I've seen of yours are good. Besides, I want others to participate in this self-induced torture of forcing yourself to approach total strangers, get a bit of story from them, and take their picture. :)

Oakland Daily Photo said...

These two look like guys who do what they know and like. Hope they did well at the market.