Sunday, June 27, 2010

STL DPB On The Road: Harvard University

I'm visiting my brother and his wife in
Southborough, Massachusetts this weekend. My sister and brother-in-law from State College, Pennsylvania (he's faculty, she's administration at Penn State) were in Boston on business, so they are out here, too.

Most people know Harvard University as one of the world's leading academic institutions. No such elite education for me; I am just a humble
To kill some time yesterday we drove into the city and walked around the Harvard campus. Weird place. The architecture is old but mostly drab. Large, plain lawns with aged trees. The University of Chicago, where my kids went, kicks its ass in atmosphere. Lots of tourists at this time of year. And lots of strange people surrounding the gates.

The photo above was an itinerant vegan demonstration on the campus perimeter. Below, a couple of summer students pass the time in Harvard Yard. (You could write a short story based in this image - what's your interpretation?) The young man in the bottom picture was performing for tips. About a quarter to a third of of the black balloon is showing outside of his mouth. We had no idea how he did it but he claimed that he was one of ten people in the world who could.

Note that the motto of the university is
Veritas, truth.

Long drive today up to camera camp in Rockport, Maine. I'll meet my instructor, Arlene Collins, tonight.

7 comments: said...

There is no reason to be humble about a St. Louis University legal education in comparison to Harvard.

Your comment reminds me of a young lawyer in Kansas representing a farmer in a case against a railroad with a big city, big firm, Harvard lawyer seeking damages for a cow run over by a train.

The Harvard lawyer told the jury that it was a case involving a principle of law that he recited in Latin. The young lawyer responded that he did not go to Harvard, but even in the small Kansas law school he attended they taught him what that Latin phrase means.

He siad that translated into English, the Latin phrase meant "It's a damn cheap railroad thta won't pay for a farmer's cow." He won the case.

Jilly said...

Well, I'm WITH the first photo.We don't need to eat meat! In fact, au contraire to be healthy.

Virginia said...

Psstttt, don't tell em I had a HUGE burger when I got home from Paris! But I put lettuce tomato on it. Does that count? HA

That balloon thing I'm going to let go right past me and I'm sure you're eternally grateful.

Have fun at C.Camp and behave yourself. No shortsheeting your fellow campers or putting their memory cards in the freezer while their asleep! I think I see you sitting on the first row trying to bronwnose Arlene! :)

Olivier said...

sur la deuxieme photo, bonjour le magicien, cela tient tout seul dans l'air

Anonymous said...

imagine the oral sex...

Dan Jaboor said...

More than 10 people can do that Bob, it's just that only 10 will admit it. said...

I want to reduce my meat consumption too. Really a necessary appeal on the first photo.