Friday, June 18, 2010


The photo in
Tuesday's post was taken on the roof of the City Museum. It has large open areas and the sun is brutal on Midwestern summer days. In response, the museum put up a couple of these giant umbrella or parachute-shaped things to provide some shade. They are startling, a bizarre sight when you go there for the first time. But then most of the City Museum is startling and bizarre. That's the concept.



Virginia said...

I like it! I lilke what the HDR did to the leaves on the trees too!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

VEry unusual, it looks like the brollys used by the monks in Laos.
Melbourne Daily Photo

brattcat said...

To me it looks like you're walking under an enormous jellyfish.

Sharon said...

It is startling, but I really like brattcat's vision of a jellyfish. That somehow seems to fit.

Olivier said...

superbe, on dirait un immense cerf-volant

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I'd hate to run into the spider that made this web.