Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Secret Garden

I figure everyone's had enough of festival photographs, so here's one of a gorgeous, secluded spot in the Botanical Gardens, one of many spots that remind me why I should get back to the Garden more often (it's only a few blocks from my house, after all).

If anyone is interested in seeing more of my weekend (and other) photographs, my flickr photoset is here. Please feel free to leave comments on the photos there.


Ming the Merciless said...

ShadowyOne - The flickr link does not work.

ShadowyOne said...

Sorry; that should work now.

Olivier said...

j'aime ces jardins secrets, nous avons à Evry, en plein centre ville un jardin secret (appelle aussi jardin du silence)

I like these secret gardens, we have in Evry, in full centre town a secret garden (also garden of silence calls)

Sasha said...

Yep, I'm feeling zen already. I really wish I lived closer tot he gardens. Life is busy, though, and like you I'd not make it there nearly as much as I'd like.