Friday, September 14, 2007

Ni hao, y'all

Home again after two fascinating, exhausting weeks in China. It is a must experience if you have the means. My wife and I may have seen the shape of the future (and the air is worse than you could imagine).

Many thanks to ShadowyOne for keeping the blog up to date while I was away. I may ask her to do a few more days until I get some new local material. It was interesting to see my city through someone else's eyes.

Sincere thanks, too, to Shanghai CDPB's Song Jing, who acted as our tour guide for an evening and took us out to dinner at a typical local restaurant we would not have found on our own. This was one of the joys of the CDPB community.

I took a zillion pictures, of course. Some of the best are on my Flickr site, so have a look if you are interested. There will be a few more over the coming days as I get all the material organized. This pictures below are from a boat ride down the breathtaking Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo, in the southeast of the country. The drizzly day was magical.

My brain is still somewhere over the mid Pacific but all will be back to normal soon.


don said...

great shots. absolute magical

Annie said...

Now I know where those Chinese painters stand and paint, you know the ones, the ones who paint mystical scenes of mountains like these. So lovely, these photos.

I'm sad that the air quality where you were was as awful as we've all heard. One wishes that was only hype, not truth. The truth will hit us all before long, won't it.

Sasha said...

Jeez Bob. I just don't know what to say. Absolutely breathtaking. I'm just speachless!