Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Dancers drinking a ceremonial glass of ouzo before a dance at the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church's annual Greek Festival this weekend. It is always a sight, with so much delicious food cooking, pastries, music, dancing, and plenty of kids catapulting around. I was exausted. I have many, many more pictures from this festival and the Japanese Festival; I will post them to Flickr when I get a chance, and provide a link there.


Olivier said...

tu fais le tour du monde des fetes, apres le japon, la grece. belle serie, bravo

you make the turn of the world of the festivals, after Japan, Greece. beautiful series, cheer

Sasha said...

Another festival I wish I could have gone to. I'd definately better keep away from all your photos of them until after I finish studying for my test tonight otherwise I might just fail due to getting lost in all your wonderful shots!

Sasha said...

I must wonder for a quick moment, though: Is the cell phone on the hip part of traditional Greek attire?