Monday, September 17, 2007

Near the end of a bad season

ShadowyOne, her husband Brian, their friend Skeet and I went to the Cardinals - Cubs game yesterday afternoon. The St. Louis and Chicago teams are arch rivals. The Cubs are leading in the weakest of the six Major League baseball divisions. The Cardinals rallied in August to come close but have lost 10 of their last 11 games, nearly assuring elimination. Baseball teams usually play six days a week so the standings can change quickly. The Cardinals won the championship last year but have disappointed in 2007.

In the pictures above, Cardinals third baseman Scott Spezio nearly falls over backward catching a pop foul while the Cubs' right fielder grabs a fly ball off the bat of Rick Ankiel at the wall. 335 feet is about 100 meters.

You can just see a black circle with the white number 32 on Spezio's sleve. This was the number of Cardinals' pitcher Josh Hancock, who died in an auto wreck after a game in April while very intoxicated, talking on a cell phone and not wearing a seat belt. See my post of May 2 .

A couple more off-the-field shots from the game over the next two days.


Olivier said...

Samedi, c'etait la fete du sport à Evry, et il y avait une cage de Batting, j'ai fait un essais , resultat digne d'un pro : une balle touchée sur dix ;o))

Saturday, it was the festival of the sport with Evry, and there was a cage of Batting, I carried out tests, result worthy of a pro: a ball touched on ten ;O))

U "R" Us said...

Good shots! Are all the players wearing that 32? I watched the Red Sox and Yankees play a tense game last night. Drew was invested in it since he wanted to see the Yankees lose to help the Tigers gain on them in the wildcard race.

soosha_q said...

I'm so glad Hancock's family got nothing out of suing Shanahan's (that was the name of the pub or whatever, right?) I've lost track of what, if anything, is going on with them now.

Anyway, sorry it's been so long since I've visited, but I've been trying to focus on school. Love these photos. I'm not a huge sports fan, but I do love baseball. I don't suppose you got any pictures of Eck at the game?