Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Herb

An open gate in the Mississippi flood wall south of downtown. This is the graffiti-permitted stretch. You see these "free the herb" tags everywhere around the city, always with the same lettering. The tagger may be stoned but he or she is persistent. 

However, I don't think it will ever be legalized in this state. We have an increasingly hard right government with a few islands of progressives scattered across. If you want it easy and legal, drive out to Colorado.

By the way, the old factory in the background is across the river in Illinois.               


s.c said...

Is the cabin on piles so by high water you keep your feet dry?

William Kendall said...

My feeling is that it should be legalized and regulated, and treated as a health issue. I wouldn't use it myself, and to be honest, the people who are habitual users really come across looking like fools.

bill burke said...

That old factory hopefully is closed and not polluting the air anymore not to say the air is pollution free from other sources.