Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

Taken about three weeks ago, showing the last orange tree of autumn under the monument. The highlights are blown out on the left (north) leg, whose angle looks straight back into the sun but I kind of like the way it glows.

driving. 1,000 miles / 1,600 km to, from and around Kansas last week, then 250 miles / 425 km yesterday and today for hearings in an outlying town. Damn good thing gas is cheap again.

TOMORROW: economy of form, constriction of palette

There is a companion photo to
the one above today on GATEWAY.


Olivier said...

superbe avec les couleurs automnales de l'arbre. on dirait un arc en ciel.
haughtiness with the autumnal colours of the tree. they would say an arch in sky.

Virginia said...

I just never tire of your arch photos. I am finally starting to see how your obsession got started. this is lovely with that gorgeous tree showing off!

Jilly said...

What an amazing orange tree with that wonderful sky behind. I can't believe the number of photographs you find andtake - and all beautiful - of the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Victor said...

Hey Bob, I am way way behind on my blog viewing (and commenting) but your arch series is like an old friend. Cheers!

Virginia said...

If you are going to answer my questions you must do it immediately OR refresh my memory before you answer. I am O.L.D. remember. Got your answer, but don't remember my question. LOL said...

Very unusual angle, as the Arch, as I recall from my days living in St. Louis (including watching the Arch under construction) is that the Arch is the same distance high as it is from leg to leg. Your angle makes it appear much wider than it is tall.

Velma said...

great blog!