Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moonrise on Mississippi


We had our firm's holiday dinner at a hotel by the river last night. I had to take a detour down to the levee when I saw the full moon rising over the Mississippi. This shot was handheld at ISO 3200 but I need to get up a post this morning. We stayed downtown overnight and got a room with a view of the riverfront.

Did I say something in yesterday's post about the possibility of paralegals behaving badly at the office holiday party? This pair isn't too bad. The woman on the left has been my partner's paralegal for 23 years and her sister for a lot longer than that. The one on the right has been my paralegal for 26 years. Her husband just passed his 20th anniversary as one of the lawyers in our firm. It was an office romance. The story is that when we hired him we gave him a good salary and threw in a woman as a signing bonus. We're just one big family.

TOMORROW: The STL DPB Second Annual...
You'll have to come back to find out.


Sharon said...

Beautiful shot. The reflection is awesome.

Virginia said...

Are YOU skatin' with Santa Bob? I certainly hope so.
I bombed on the moon shoot last night. Yours is gorgeous. Hey, I live in Forest Park! Small world you know.

Tara's Talk said...

This is very beautiful! I love this photo!


yawetag said...

Beautiful shots!

Until last year, I worked at the location of your first shot (in fact, you can see the exterior of my office).

I left there to move to the business just south (and attached) to where you took your second shot. Incidentally, you can't see my office from that shot, though.

Victor said...

The moonrise photo is most excellent. Just beautiful. And quiet ;)