Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter Whirl

The St. Louis Zoo had the carousel running during the Wild Lights display last weekend (see post of December 23). It was cold and dark but the kids didn't care. I set the camera on a tripod as my fingers got more and more numb and this is what came out.

WHAT'S THIS AIRPLANE TICKET SAY? 12/26/2008 R CROWE STL - LGA 11:10 AM. That's New York City! Yippie!

TOMORROW: something in Manhattan, I hope, but the picture remains to be taken.


Virginia said...

OH dear, we're posting similar shots again. I have a carrousel on my Paris blog today but it's not as jazzy as this one! NY look out! can't wait to see your photos from there. Tell Ming hi for me.

Wayne said...

I can't figure out why it turned out like that but sure looks great Bob.

Shutterup-Shutterbug said...

I love carousels! What a cute shot. So, you're coming to NY, huh? Did you see my dusk shots I took yesterday of the city, the GW Bridge and the Hudson? You'll have fun, Manhattan is so beautiful right now. Safe travels

Victor said...

Travel well Bob. Looking forward to your NYC posts. Cheers!

Jilly said...

Now that's an unusual carousel. Love the wild animals and your shot.

Julie said...

The zebra is delightful, Bob.