Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Don't Think They're French. What Do You Think?

We have a main east-west highway through St. Louis City and County, Interstate 64 - US 40. It's pretty old. The Missouri Highway Department, in its wisdom, decided to entirely shut down and rebuild the stretch through the heart of the area. They are doing it in two segments, taking about a year each. You can imagine the traffic chaos.

The western section reopened last weekend. I met this couple in an ordinary place under unusual circumstances. MoDOT invited the public to walk, bike and rollerblade the new highway last weekend. These two showed up for the festivities. Her vehicle was welcome then, but not now. It was very strange to wander a brand-new eight lane highway with no car traffic.

ADVICE I GOT TODAY: friend of the blog D.C. Confidential of Washington DC Daily Photo told me it's okay to goof off at work for the rest of the year and everyone else is doing it anyway. But I'm self-employed (but so is she). There's a blunt but accurate saying in small law firms that you eat what you kill. Plus, we have to fund the newly-established Send Bob To Tibet In September 2009 Foundation! Such conflicting motives.

TOMORROW: Modern highway technology!


Sharon said...

There's no questioning their patriotism, is there?

Virginia said...

Stop it. I can't take it!!! This is just great. I may need to change my vote. You could see that coming couldn't you!

Send Bob to TIbet. I'll bet the folks at the office wish they could right now. And J's right, ease up here at the end of hte year. Kick back, but your feet on your desk and play with that new whirlygig Photoshop you bought with the door locked. Oh and nip some brandy out of your desk drawer. You know where it is.

Wayne said...

Is that the Send Bob To Tibet Foundation or the Send Bob To Tibet And Bring Him Back Foundation?

I was in Tibet in 1986 flying in from China and travelling cross-country to Nepal. It was one of my most memorable trips. Nose to the grindstone Bob.

Janet Kincaid said...

That's the problem with self-employment, isn't it? You really can't goof off. It's like committing self-cannibalism. And no one gets to Tibet that way.

Eric said...

They are Canadian... It was the tukes that gave them away.