Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Open Road

It's hard to appreciate how huge a swath an eight lane highway cuts through the countryside until you stand in it without tractor-trailers bent on converting you into road kill. That's what I saw when a big section of Interstate 64, shut down a whole year for complete reconstruction, opened to the non-motoring public for a day. It's such an alien feeling, like you are floating in an unnatural space with a concrete floor. A recumbent bike might blow by you in a fast blur of color. If you careen into a barrier while missing an exit, a new-technology crumple zone will cushion the blow. Still, better wear a helmet.

WHAT I SHOT LAST NIGHT THAT YOU WILL SEE SOON: the grounds of the St. Louis Zoo have been filled with colored lights for the holidays, on display after dark. I went over last night with my tripod and froze my patootie off, but I got some good images.

the sad eyes of the Highway Patrol and a new Arch photo on Gateway.


Virginia said...

So next time when I send you one to have a look at and you say" It's not sharp enough", I am pulling this one out. OH I know it's SUPPOSE to be blurry to show movement! HA That's where those bikers ought to be, on a road without cars! That ought to get your readers all hot and bothered here today, probably even A.!
ta ta

U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

I like this! But I want more images that convey the alien feeling you describe. I woulda biked it, sounds wacky.