Saturday, June 6, 2020


An iconic logo that comes from the baseball team, seen in a rainy plaza downtown. STL is our abbreviation for our town. It's the airport code. Here, the bright color seems to be vanishing in the mist. Now where for us? No one knows. In the short term, I worry that the packed crowds from all the demonstrations - social distancing be damned - may lead to a surge in Covid-19 cases. In the medium term, I worry about the would-be dictator and his henchmen.       


Bibi said...

"Play Misty for Me"... I often think I should add a song to some of my posts. But I digress. I like the atmosphere in this photo and if I can play my cards right and get out with my camera, I just may have similar photos, since it's raining and humid here.

I worry about 45 and his henchmen in the short, medium, and long-term. If he gets in again, I feel we are truly doomed as a nation.

bill burke said...

There are lots of people who feel as you do. I really hope he's voted out at the polls and if he is, there will still be a problem the last two months. I like the photos of your helicopter ride with your granddaughter. YOLO, is absolutely right.

William Kendall said...

I worry that when he goes it won't be quietly.