Wednesday, June 3, 2020


After recent events around this country, it feels deeply ironic to go back to a life where little has changed except for the masks. But I'm still trying to document life in The Lou from my perspective and so, forward.

Monday's post noted that Ellie and I did something special after her bike ride around the Arch. There has been a tourist helicopter on the riverfront for years, taking visitors on a swoop over the area for a significant fee. Mrs. C and I rode it once some time ago when we received a gift certificate. It was a blast.

As the kid and I passed by I thought what the heck. As my son in Michigan says, YOLO, you only live once. We went in the office, melted a bit of my credit card and were escorted on board.

Ellie didn't have a drop of fear. Once we got up and across the Mississippi, I asked her how she liked it. Her answer was something like YIPPIE!   


s.c said...

Nice for Ellie to see the world from above.

Bibi said...

Wow...I think my grandkids would have liked that, too. I would have been trembling under the seat.

Barbara Rogers said...

What fun!

Sharon said...

Oh gosh, that must have been so much fun for both of you!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

What a great opportunity (for both of you!).