Friday, June 26, 2020


There is a shop here in Webster Groves with the odd name of Civil Alchemy. They sell an assortment of very upscale, expensive household stuff, foods, clothing (I  would never ever buy a $150 shirt. You could get a very nice one for a fraction and do some good with what's left.) and a wild range of alcoholic beverages - 98 proof rum from Oaxaca, Mexico; liqueur from Brooklyn; absinthe. You pays yer money (a substantial amount) and you takes yer choice. 

The only odd booze we drink in our house is Aperol. Our French friends turned us on to it. It is an aperitif made in Italy, orange in color with an intense fruit taste and a tiny hint of bitterness. Only 11% alcohol. The classic preparation is an Aperol spritz. People vary the proportions but you mix Aperol and prosecco, add a tiny slice of orange, a splash of club soda and ice. Summertime heaven.          


s.c said...

The only one I know from holidays in the south of france is the pernod. Great on hot days diluted with water and then that aniseed taste, delicious there but less when you're back home.

Bibi said...

Aperol is nice. I also like pomegranate syrup in fizzy, unsweetened water. No alcohol in it. It is a very popular kids' drink in France. Have you ever seen (but I hope not tried) Cynar? Foul stuff, in my opinion. "Cynar is an Italian bitter liqueur of the amaro variety. It is made from 13 herbs and plants, predominant amongst which is the artichoke, from which the drink derives its name. Cynar is dark brown in color, has a bittersweet flavor, and its strength is 16.5% ABV. It was launched in Italy in 1952."

But as s.c. said, I love, love Pernod.