Thursday, June 11, 2020


I learned most of what photography skills I have at the Maine Media Workshops, a bit of paradise for people like me. Throughout the summer they run week-long, work-your-ass-off programs in every aspect of photography, video, fine art printing, you name it. I've been there five times. They were some of the best weeks of my life.

And the best teacher I had there, in fact the best teacher I've had from kindergarten through incipient old age, was Bobbi Lane. I took her portraits course and I've never had a week in which I learned more. We keep in touch. She has sort of a daily assignment or theme on her Facebook page for her former students. We post pictures and comment on one another's stuff. Wednesday's theme was macros, something I don't do a lot. My camera bag was in my car so I went out hunting and found this.



s.c said...

That Bobbi Lane is indeed very good. Visited her portofolio

Stefan Jansson said...

This is a very fine photo Bob.