Monday, June 15, 2020


A couple of recent shots. Might as well use them both.

First, from last week's trip to the zoo. The carousel is always a hit. BTW, her shirt says resiSTL. She's her mother's daughter.

Second, she likes to play with water guns and in the sprinkler in the cul de sac in front our house. This led to a suggestion that she wash Mrs. C's and her mother's cars parked there. Then she was invited to wash the van of a couple who were visiting our next door neighbors. They paid her a dollar, which was probably fair since she couldn't reach the top.         


s.c said...

Great photo's. Yes time flies but we have now the possibility to to keep it a little for later.

Sharon said...

A couple of great shots. I love that delightful expression in the first photo.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Two super shots of Miss M, love the carousel shot Bob, so much fun 😊

William Kendall said...

Happy shots!