Saturday, January 6, 2018

Where To Go Sledding

The place in STL to go sledding, tubing, or your choice of sliding device is Art Hill. The great sloped arc descends from the art museum to the Grand Lagoon in Forest Park. Almost every child in St. Louis had sped down it at one time or another. The problem, though, is that if you are going too fast you could slide off the edge into the water. It is partly frozen now but was completely open when this was taken.

Today's newspaper headline says they we have stayed below freezing for thirteen days, the longest stretch in 35 years. As a rule, we're not that cold a city.          


William Kendall said...

It looks like a great slope for sledding! I'm reminded of a slope near where I grew up- if you didn't stop in time, you'd end up sliding over the creek that ran through the valley. Usually that creek froze over in winter, but not always.

RedPat said...

Looks like a wet ending to a ride!

Jack said...

Uhhh, yes, I noticed that there is no "easy landing" zone. What is the second most popular sliding place?

BTW, you are right. That wood urn is a masterpiece of careful work. I don't know how Marilyn and her partner have the patience to do the work. Nor do I know how they can get a price to compensate them fairly for the time alone, much less for the time and the talent.