Friday, January 5, 2018


We have not been above freezing since before Christmas and there have been several nights sub-zero Fahrenheit (that's -18 C. Why this country does not convert to metric is beyond me.). That's unusual for here. In these pictures, freezing condensate pours off the top of the Federal Reserve Bank next to my office building (maybe they have to keep the money chilled) and ice flows throughout the Mississippi.

As I look out my office window this afternoon, there are chunks of ice in the river from bank to bank. If time and weather permit tomorrow, I may walk out onto Eads Bridge (rear of second photo) or even drive up to the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississippi. It's not that far away but the route is very indirect because of the shape of the rivers. And I've been trying to find the last time the river froze solid here. Hard to be sure but I think it was 1936.       


William Kendall said...

It looks seriously cold there! We topped out at -24C earlier today with wind chills down to -39. It's gotten colder since, I think.

Jack said...

Cold cold cold everywhere. Of course, you will have no pity for the Florida variation of cold.

Sharon said...

It gave me a chill just looking at your photos.