Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sculpture With A Chain Saw

Where do you go to learn ice sculpture? It is an art with narrow applications and not a lot of room for self expression. The subjects don't vary much. This one is becomming a big and little penguin.

Still, there is a lot of skill in this. It amazes me that it is done freehand, no template, not even a sketch to look at. A chain saw is not a precise tool. The fine work is done with picks and chisels. The sculptor uses a blowtorch for smoothing. Can you make a living doing this?    


Stefan Jansson said...

I have a friend, Jujja, who has a friend and she is an ice sculptor. She works for the ice hotel and for a lot of other places. Last year one of her sculptures could be seen at a big square in Stockholm.

Sharon said...

That child in the background appears to be thrilled to see this guy in action.

William Kendall said...

I think they get a lot of practice in with wood carving, which of course won't melt on you!