Friday, March 9, 2012

Bowling For Hunger

2012 Idiotarod 32

As I mentioned on Sunday, the Idiotarod was held for the benefit of Operation Food Search, a wonderful organization helping to feed St. Louis' hungry. One of the contestants' required activities in support of the cause was to roll a few lines at Flamingo Bowl, downtown's hippest (and only) bowling alley and cocktail lounge. The contest official and Burger King in the middle photo have had quite enough. Perhaps they would prefer to retire to the bar.

If it is of interest, there is a good sized set of Idiotarod photos on Flickr here.

My week of marathon running at work is done. Late afternoon flight to Miami today, where we will spend the night at an airport hotel. On to Liberia, Costa Rica, tomorrow morning and then a 90 minute drive to Tamarindo. Looks like our day trip to Nicaragua will be Monday, not Wednesday. It sounds a little scary but, what the heck, we've been to The Bronx.

2012 Idiotarod 31

2012 Idiotarod 33


Steffe said...

Bowling in white socks, I will have to try that one day!

Bibi said...

Wonderful shots...especially the portrait of the two...