Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On Lake Nicaragua

Boating On Lake Nicaragua 3

Another late post. This has not been a relaxing trip so far. I was sitting on the sofa last night editing photos and fell sound asleep. Time to wake up and do nothing! Well not exactly. We plan to drive north up the coast and look in on some other villages and beaches.

These shots are from our boat ride on Lake Nicaragua that I mentioned yesterday. Monkeys are not native to the little islands. This island and house are owned by a veterinarian who imported a few and has special food delivered to them daily. Not all the homes are opulent. Even a small volcanic lump can support a small house (people do run electric cables out to them).

It was a fascinating half hour. On your way back to the dock, though, don't forget the boatman.

Boating On Lake Nicaragua 2

Boating On Lake Nicaragua 4

Boating On Lake Nicaragua 1


Olivier said...

cette petite ile est magnifique , elle me fait rever. et belles photos du singe

Bibi said...

What an arm...and a tail. Monkeys in the wild scare me... I saw some tourists 'bothered' in India...

cieldequimper said...

And you didn't spend the night on the island? ;-)

Pat said...

voluntary tips in a boat often get you mandatory wet.