Sunday, March 11, 2012

¡Hola, Costa Rica!

Landing In Liberia CR - Volcano 1

We made it. Through the good offices of our friend and colleague, Dave Selden of Tamarindo Daily Photo, we are settled into one of his two beautiful condos (pictures here).

Yesterday was a rare day in which we saw both the Atlantic and Pacific within a space of two hours on our flight from Miami. The first photo is of a pair of volcanoes that form Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua, followed by two shots of the coast of CR's Guanacaste Province. At the bottom, a view from our balcony of the catamaran that does an afternoon and sunset trip (known locally as the booze cruise) returning to port.

Fabulous dinner last night at the restaurant of the Swiss-run Capitán Suizo resort. Hard to beat seafood that came off the boat the same afternoon. El Capitán must be retired from the army, since the officer corps of the Swiss navy is severely depleted.

Long day tomorrow. We have a 5:15 AM pickup for our trip to Nicaragua. Depending on time, I might have some pix on Tuesday.

Sorry for the late post. The Internet service in the building went down last night. There's a solar storm, isn't there? Besides, everything here runs on Tico time.

Guanacaste Coast 2

Guanacaste Coast 1

Tamarindo Near Sunset 2


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Sounds good so far Bob, great aerial shots as you were coming in. Relax, enjoy.

Stefan Jansson said...

Wow some very cool photos here. Have a great time at Dave's place.

Unknown said...

The top shot is brilliant! Wish I was there again. Is this your first time? I'm sure you'll love it.

Bibi said...

Fab photo of those two volcanos... Wasn't Jurassic Park filmed in Costa Rica? Now THAT would provide a photo op for you if something very large turned up... ;<)

Jack said...

Loved your aerial photos, especially the shot of the volcanos.

Unknown said...

First shot is spectacular. I'll have to get to know Dave better!!!

Nathalie said...

Spectacular first shot, I'm sure you don't often get such clear views.