Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Children At The Oven Store - Guiatil

One of our favorite places around Tamarindo is the tiny village of Guaitíl, about an hour's drive away. The people are the descendants of the indigenous Chorotega people, who were nearly wiped out by the Spanish. Now it is a center for making exquisite pottery in the ancient tradition. There are more photos in my post of 14 months ago.

I wish I had gotten the names of the sweet children in the top picture. The girl was in my previous post about the village. The man below is their father, Jesús, at work on the hand-operated wheel. The process of collectiong the ingredients, shaping, glazing and firing is an arduous one.

Guaitil 1 (Jesus At The Potter's Wheel 1)

Guaitil 1 (Jesus At The Potter's Wheel 2)


Olivier said...

de beaux portraits, j'aime cet homme au travail

cieldequimper said...

Beautiful shots, love that smile and the concentration.

Nathalie said...

Bob, I'm sorry that I haven't had the time to visit much or comment each and every one of your posts and photos. It isn't for lack of want. I've just gone back to where I'd last visited and had a long hard look at everything I'd missed : so much to see and discuss and ponder and marvel at !!!

I love this part of the world, the scenery, the people. Thanks for sharing your view of them. I'm delighted. Will be back.

brattcat said...

an exquisite post, bob.

Stefan Jansson said...

A different life, compared to the most of us.

Bibi said...

Beautiful post, and these are indeed handsome people.

Anonymous said...

Very nice portrait. √

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